This post is in response to the Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge hosted by Its PH, a challenge that I believe all you bloggers out there must try your hand at. Give it a go, guys!

And now for the haiku interpretation, the fourth of ten challenges.

love lasts for a while,
when the while is forever,
forever looks a while.

Sometimes, I wonder if time is simply about perspective. That time flies when you’re living the moment, and slows down exhaustingly when you want it to speed up, is a curious occurrence that I’m sure everyone is familiar with.

Love can convert the mundane to magic. It makes hope blossom in the dreariest of situations. And in a sweet way, it makes moments skip by and leaves you wishing for an eternity of it.

Even the sweetest nectar however, can drug you into a slumber if you deprive yourself of the logic gifted to you.

An eternity can drag on for ever and ever as it is meant to, and one begins to loathe the very thing one wished for. Logic is eaten away and love is criticized for dragging one into a slow death of sensibilities, when both are always in perfect harmony for a balanced individual.


So what is to be blamed, in truth?

No emotion has power unless we confer it with power. So far as the wielder remains in control, the sword cannot turn around and stab him.

Whether to float or sink, hangs on a fine balance of logic and emotion. A blend between acceptance and confidence. The acceptance of the transience of things, and the confidence in our own abilities to respond positively to change.

What may be eternity for one, may be but a blink of an eye for another.

4 thoughts on “# 4. Haiku Hunting

    1. Yes, a fine balance I suppose. 🙂
      I do have an entire world inside my head, but I do keep an eye out and derive lessons from both my experiences and what I observe other people having, and their reactions to it. 🙂
      For this I think I did derive primarily from the experiences I’ve had with people and certain beliefs I have – mostly from the first, yes. 🙂

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