This follows from part 1 and I’m clubbing two questions as my answers to these are similar.

Given the option to move to anywhere, would you? Why would or wouldn’t you?

What is the one thing you want at this moment?

How you feel emotionally is a place, a state of being is a place. Owing to some recent lessons, I feel that even though the world has much to offer, our internal world is just as magnificent a universe to explore.

The abandoned ruins of childhood memories, the fresh fields of momentary happiness and the wilderness of difficult emotions are all places to spend time in.

The way you discover different sides to you when you physically travel, these journeys into yourself could be just as rewarding, if not more, with the right mindset.

While I certainly do love to travel, at this point I realize all the more the need to attain the state of mind that allows me to stay calm and composed no matter what the situation externally. As I start to discover treasured moments in my own home that I know like the back of my hand, I see why clear perception is essential.

And perception cannot be clear unless the mind allows itself to drink of the present, which it rarely does as it’s either too consumed by the past, or too obsessed about the future.

I wouldn’t necessarily say I ‘want’ that, because I know that I and every other being on this planet is evolving slowly towards that state of mental clarity.

Consciousness evolves too, not just the physical forms.

But it’s the closest thing to ‘want’ that I can think of now.

I remember how – on my most surreal trip until now to the mountains, I enjoyed every bit of the journey. Climbing the first few hills, going deeper into the forest. Camping at a clearing where we still had a signal on our phones. Going higher still the next day – walking through wild country, listening to the streams, stopping for a breath as I basked in the sun, encountering a whole community of sheep. The cup of tea at the thatched tea shop, and the first sight of the snowy mountain. Standing under a night sky as I sent a thought of love to my family whom I couldn’t call as I had no signal on my phone, and seeing a shooting star then.

None of these moments are better than the other. They all have the same precious spot in my heart, and they always will. As I knew then that I will reach my destination, I know now too, for the only qualification to be on this journey is the willingness to learn.

And so for now, I savor the journey.

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