Love and Fear

The wisest words arrive at the most unexpected moments.




Be Selfish.

I mean it because seriously, we’re giving way too much importance to positive emotions and ignoring their antitheses. The human mind is this endless pit of complex emotions that are simply too convoluted, too intricately linked to the base need for survival that a perfect understanding is near to impossible. In the end, when you do this complete analysis of everything that’s going on inside your head, you just end up asking yourself if there really is an inflexible wall that separates good and bad.

We’ve all been selfish at some point in our lives. We have to be, because if we’re not our first priority, our survival is at risk. Big time.

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There’s a lot of hype around listening these days. Listen to your parents, your partner, your boss, your friends. The list goes on and on. Good listeners are applauded, praised for their strength and patience. Listening is a skill, say many.

And why is it such a treasured trait, I wonder? Shouldn’t listening be something that’s part of us by default, given we’re empathetic by nature?

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Beyond The Painted Windows

A few weeks back, I read a book that I’d wanted to read for some time – Eat Pray Love. A very uplifting piece of work with lots of food for thought, happy prayers and in the end, just makes you fall in love with life. In it, I came by the concept that every country has a word that defines it. And if that word isn’t your personal word, you’ll never feel complete in that land.

Now a country represents so much that it can never be fully described by just one word. But perhaps there is some truth to it all.  Superficial seems to me one of the words that can describe the state of today’s fast paced world.

We want what we think the others have.

We want to look how we feel someone looks.

We want to feel the way we think others feel.

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My Own Way

I’ll see the world and search every corner, and I’ll find my path.

For I shall pamper my intelligence and the many skills of survival I’m endowed with.

Blindly following anything can lead us to the darkest pits a human mind is capable of reaching. That has been proved by the many events both recent and those that occurred in the remote past.

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Moving On

I hated that word. Moving on. Because I always wanted to hold on, hold grudges, never forget, never leave anything behind.

Change is a fact of life, and there is little use fearing it or trying to resist it. I’m glad I learned that lesson.

Because if we don’t move on, how do we evolve, or challenge ourselves? How will we learn and expand our horizons?

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The Journey of a Vegetarian

It began when I was about 8 years old. Out of the blue, I approached my parents and declared that I was going to forgo meat and meat products, fish included. I don’t remember the exact sequence of events that transpired, but I remember the reason.

I was a fan of a number of movies and TV shows (read Finding Nemo, Oswald etc.) wherein animals were portrayed as having feelings, and it hurt me that I was actually chewing up those innocent creatures. I often tried to emulate these characters as well, and then there was Narnia and Harry Potter, which served to further cement my beliefs.

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Lost – A True Story

I had once been open in my distrust of the world and the people in it. But as I’d mentioned in my previous post, my dorm life served to erase a lot of that mistrust, leaving me with only a healthy measure of caution.

The world is full of surprises, I rediscovered as I listened to two of my friends narrate their experience of being lost in a strange city. They were part of a group of seven, part of a larger group of 40 from my college who had left for a training program at Bangalore, one of India’s largest metropolitan cities.

[Posted with permission from my beloved story tellers.]

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The Dorm Life

It’s fun being the only child your parents have. You get everything good there is. You have your personal space. You have your parents all to yourself. You feel special.

But you don’t have people who casually grab the food you’re just about to put into your mouth and walk away with it while you gape and glare at them. You don’t have people who barge into your private space while you’re having that silly conversation with your best friend. You don’t have people who think it’s alright to read your journal entries and ‘blackmail’ you with the ‘valuable information’ they obtained.

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