The Journey of a Vegetarian

It began when I was about 8 years old. Out of the blue, I approached my parents and declared that I was going to forgo meat and meat products, fish included. I don’t remember the exact sequence of events that transpired, but I remember the reason.

I was a fan of a number of movies and TV shows (read Finding Nemo, Oswald etc.) wherein animals were portrayed as having feelings, and it hurt me that I was actually chewing up those innocent creatures. I often tried to emulate these characters as well, and then there was Narnia and Harry Potter, which served to further cement my beliefs.

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Lost – A True Story

I had once been open in my distrust of the world and the people in it. But as I’d mentioned in my previous post, my dorm life served to erase a lot of that mistrust, leaving me with only a healthy measure of caution.

The world is full of surprises, I rediscovered as I listened to two of my friends narrate their experience of being lost in a strange city. They were part of a group of seven, part of a larger group of 40 from my college who had left for a training program at Bangalore, one of India’s largest metropolitan cities.

[Posted with permission from my beloved story tellers.]

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The Dorm Life

It’s fun being the only child your parents have. You get everything good there is. You have your personal space. You have your parents all to yourself. You feel special.

But you don’t have people who casually grab the food you’re just about to put into your mouth and walk away with it while you gape and glare at them. You don’t have people who barge into your private space while you’re having that silly conversation with your best friend. You don’t have people who think it’s alright to read your journal entries and ‘blackmail’ you with the ‘valuable information’ they obtained.

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Beyond Words

Before I get to the point, I’d like to give a big hearty thanks to Nitesh  for the nomination. Quill is barely a month old, and I never imagined my blog would cross anyone’s mind. And that’s what makes me feel happy beyond words. That I could bring a smile on your face through something that I wrote, which was the very reason for starting a blog in the first place.

This award (and many more interesting ones) is a courtesy of these wonderful people. I think it’s great that they came up with such a platform to encourage fellow bloggers. Don’t forget to pay a visit now, I guarantee they make a fine first impression.

So, here I go!

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Not So Different

It is always the young that grows. Perhaps that is why many insist on remaining young at heart – because we’re not done growing. If we are, it just means we’ve stopped seeing the beauty in life.

The first thing that came to mind upon hearing the word shallow was – bad. Shallow represents the lack of depth, an inability to see past the surface, lacking true meaning. But when I think of it, is it really so bad?

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Love and Duty

Love and duty are often spoken of as mutually exclusive. For most of us, they just don’t harmonize with each other, because we love something and we’re required to devote ourselves to something else entirely.

Having been brought up in a nuclear family with parents who had grown up in joint families, I was used to hearing interesting stories, especially from my father. One such anecdote involves my great-grandfather and a dog he used to own.

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The Sweetest Home after Home

I don’t remember the first time I walked through that gate. But I remember that I was 6. I must have protested, wept and thrown a royal fit, not wanting to venture away from the comforts of home and kindergarten.

Inside that gate, I learned to make friends and pacify enemies.

I learned to respect others, their boundaries and their personalities.

I learned that to be a bully was to be a coward, and to be brave and bold was to stand up for what I felt was right.

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Conquering Envy – 5 Easy Ways

Shut ourselves in a cage of nothing but emotions and instincts, and we ensure our own suffering. Envy is a cage, a vicious cycle that feeds on a person’s insecurity. As it is with every emotion, it is up to us to take charge. Use it as fuel to surge forward, or allow it to conquer us and eat at our sanity from within.

How do we do that, though?

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Staying young

When I was 15, I went out with a few friends of mine during a school festival. We went to a store nearby, from where I bought a lollipop. It had been some time, and my parents were never too keen on lollipops after a certain age, so I took care to buy it only when I was out with friends. As I was walking back, I quickly put it in my mouth, happily savoring the taste of it.

When I passed a few classmates of mine, they teased me about being a 10th grader and yet munching on lollipops. Being the self-conscious girl that I was, I quickly bit it off and disposed of the stick so people wouldn’t know I was having a lollipop.

How many of us have stopped ourselves from doing the things we love just because we’ll have to answer to society?

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