This post is in response to the Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge hosted by Its PH, a challenge that I believe all you bloggers out there must try your hand at. Give it a go, guys!

And now for my story, the third of ten challenges.

Perfectionists shall inherit the earth, because winter is coming.

The mangoes looked so delicious this summer that I was jealous of the birds who got to them first.

The birth of dragons was followed by a long yawn, and he knew his show marathon would have to happen on another night.

There’s lots of fish in the sea, besides molluscs and crustaceans and other creatures that you know nothing about.

Friends can be family and family can be friends; you can be you.

Many years later, the light faded and the shadows vanished, and the true stars shone in the ink-black sky.

The garden was alive and breathing – even the flowers talked to each other.

May I be allowed to present a preposterous case of purging of my refrigerator contents?

There’s ice and fire, wind and water – then there’s George RR Martin and J K Rowling.

Would that I could make sense of my sentences, I might have crowned myself in glorious victory.

17 thoughts on “# 3. Random Ramblings

    1. Those were just random things I wrote off my head, and I bet you’d do great. We all have our unique styles and if you’re going to try out this challenge, I’m SO looking forward to seeing what you come up with! 🙂

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      1. That’s just brilliant. While it’s true that all of us have our unique styles, this kind of writing requires some real talent.
        Whoa. Alrighty, I’m going to give it a shot. This challenge seems very challenging (and so it’s called a challenge. But I’ve done a few other “challenge” posts that weren’t really).
        But I need to know a little more. Do they have to be poems? Because I’m terrible at that.

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      2. Hey there’s just one TINY poem challenge. It’s just for 10 days, you can complete it over a 15 day time span and poetry is just 1/10th of it. It’s not even a poem, it’s to modify a nursery rhyme. Do check it out at the website, it’s a fun experience and I got to learn so much. 🙂 I do get you, I’m bad at poetry too, but you never know. If you try it out, you may find that you like it!

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      3. Wow, that’s GREAT. I’m really excited, now I’ve got 10 posts up my alley (and soon I’ll be able to do those marathon reads again!).
        As for poetry, there’s only one poem I’ve ever written and that was modeled on a nursery rhyme! You can’t keep being so kind to me, nope. 😀

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      4. It’s gonna take me some time,… (I need to know what your name is at this point because I put a comma after every sentence and remember that I don’t know your name).
        But you’ve written 10 poems otherwise too. At least from what I know. All of them were golden. Someday, I’m going to pester you into teaching me how you write so nicely.
        I was just telling a friend of mine how I’ve made this wonderful blogger friend who writes so well.

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      5. Yup, up till this point I’m just the girl who writes, haha. 😀 My name is Gayathry. I suppose I could call you Ket, right?
        And no, as kind as you are, I really haven’t written poems. You must have confused me with someone else. 🙂
        Well, you don’t have to pester me to write well because you already write so beautifully. Even if you did say you ‘pestered’ me I’m pretty sure I’d enjoy that, haha! 😀

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