Like a Jigsaw Puzzle


The first time I heard that word, it was just another addition to my vocabulary.

As a child, I was fascinated with encountering new words and figuring out what they meant, so I’d ravenously go through every book I had to see what words I could meet that I had never known of before.

Later on though, I realized they had a lot of gravity.

Every famous person seemed to have them and stressed upon their importance. Life without goals is absolutely pointless – they were experts in different fields and yet, they all seemed to agree on this one thing.

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Sins and Ladders

Life is a climb, but the view is great. 

I took those words to heart the first time I heard them.

Every step in that incredible journey gives you something to savor, something to store in your memory as a mark of that step.

Like a river flowing into the ocean, you take with you everything you find on the way, tweaking some things to suit your purpose, but always remembering.

When I was little (all of us really) , I often had my elders advising me to stay away from certain things.

Bottle up your anger.

Rein in your pride.

Don’t ever be lazy.

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Brother vs. Buddy

In this day and age, we’re bound to hear the word ‘peer pressure’ do the rounds often. We’re speaking much against the crumbling institution of family, the fragile relationships between parents and their wards, and the general rebelliousness of the youth against anything their parents advise them.

It’s only natural in such a situation that I heard out many who told me that family was much stronger than friendship.

“Blood is thicker than water” was their favorite pearl of ancient wisdom.

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Life, truly

When we were children, we were taught that there were living and non-living things. As our teachers pointed out the differences between what possessed life and what didn’t, we nodded our heads obediently and soaked in the information.

At least, I know I did.

It all sounded so true, because I had never heard a stone squeak, nor had I ever prodded a live kitten without getting a response.

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Role Models, Roll Away

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with looking at a person and thinking: That’s who I want to be.

Only, it should stop with the thought, and you should become much better than that set point, that target.

Whenever someone asked me who my role model was, I remember struggling with myself for an answer. The truth was, there was truly no one I wanted to emulate.

I wasn’t always like that, though.

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Beliefs and Beyond


On a cursory glance, however, they do seem to be at odds.

Science believes in experimentation, thorough analysis and the purest logic, while religion seems to believe in everything that defies logic.

Science raises questions, while religion provides answers.

Science promotes inquiry while religion demands strict obedience. 

That’s how it seems to be, at least.

How often we look beyond the similarities of these two entities that so often find themselves on two ends of the battlefield, relentlessly egged on by their respective loyal supporters!

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What a genie!

You know that feeling when something important crosses your mind and then all of a sudden that very thing just pops up before your eyes?

It might be something as small as a picture of our favourite animal, or movie star, or even a specific thing.

Now what if that specific thing is something that you’d lost, searched everywhere for, and gave up all hope of finding?

We have all experienced that, some time or the other.


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The TV show musings of a child grown up

No matter how angry or powerless (i.e. when adults took hold of the TV remote and unfairly switched channels to watch some boring program where boring people put on boring dresses and sat and spoke of boring things) we sometimes felt when we were children, those days would perhaps be one of the happiest days of our lives.

The last day when I visited my grandmother where I used to spend my summers, I was once again reminded of this fact. All the adults around me had grown up (more?) now, and some had children they didn’t have back then while others (well, all) had sprouted grey hairs.

And to add to that, I was an adult myself.

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Considering that this is the 12th day of the fourth month of 2018, this might be a wrong time to write about the New Year resolution that I took this year. But when considering what I had resolved to do, it is only fitting, because the whole point of the resolution is to drive home the fact that each and every day is special.

So what was this resolution, anyway?

I resolved to try something new every day, just to disrupt that monotony and experience each day for the incredible assemblage of special moments that it was.

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