# 9. Being a Baby

This post is in response to the Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge hosted by Its PH, a challenge that I believe all you bloggers out there must try your hand at. Give it a go, guys!

This is the ninth of ten challenges. We are to see something with a fresh perspective, and I have chosen a word.

Last day, I happened to see a TED Talk by cognitive scientist Lera Boroditsky, who was giving insights about how language shapes the way we think.

The most intriguing thing that I learned from this talk was about an Australian aboriginal community that speaks a language called ‘Kuuk Thaayorre’.

This language is noted for its use of sixteen words for absolute cardinal directions (north-east, south-west etc.) than words with relative senses (left, right etc.). The people have a much better awareness of orientation than the average English speaker, who might be a tad confused with directions.

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