Beliefs and Beyond


On a cursory glance, however, they do seem to be at odds.

Science believes in experimentation, thorough analysis and the purest logic, while religion seems to believe in everything that defies logic.

Science raises questions, while religion provides answers.

Science promotes inquiry while religion demands strict obedience. 

That’s how it seems to be, at least.

How often we look beyond the similarities of these two entities that so often find themselves on two ends of the battlefield, relentlessly egged on by their respective loyal supporters!

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There’s a lot of hype around listening these days. Listen to your parents, your partner, your boss, your friends. The list goes on and on. Good listeners are applauded, praised for their strength and patience. Listening is a skill, say many.

And why is it such a treasured trait, I wonder? Shouldn’t listening be something that’s part of us by default, given we’re empathetic by nature?

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