Sins and Ladders

Life is a climb, but the view is great. 

I took those words to heart the first time I heard them.

Every step in that incredible journey gives you something to savor, something to store in your memory as a mark of that step.

Like a river flowing into the ocean, you take with you everything you find on the way, tweaking some things to suit your purpose, but always remembering.

When I was little (all of us really) , I often had my elders advising me to stay away from certain things.

Bottle up your anger.

Rein in your pride.

Don’t ever be lazy.

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Brother vs. Buddy

In this day and age, we’re bound to hear the word ‘peer pressure’ do the rounds often. We’re speaking much against the crumbling institution of family, the fragile relationships between parents and their wards, and the general rebelliousness of the youth against anything their parents advise them.

It’s only natural in such a situation that I heard out many who told me that family was much stronger than friendship.

“Blood is thicker than water” was their favorite pearl of ancient wisdom.

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Role Models, Roll Away

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with looking at a person and thinking: That’s who I want to be.

Only, it should stop with the thought, and you should become much better than that set point, that target.

Whenever someone asked me who my role model was, I remember struggling with myself for an answer. The truth was, there was truly no one I wanted to emulate.

I wasn’t always like that, though.

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Beliefs and Beyond


On a cursory glance, however, they do seem to be at odds.

Science believes in experimentation, thorough analysis and the purest logic, while religion seems to believe in everything that defies logic.

Science raises questions, while religion provides answers.

Science promotes inquiry while religion demands strict obedience. 

That’s how it seems to be, at least.

How often we look beyond the similarities of these two entities that so often find themselves on two ends of the battlefield, relentlessly egged on by their respective loyal supporters!

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What a genie!

You know that feeling when something important crosses your mind and then all of a sudden that very thing just pops up before your eyes?

It might be something as small as a picture of our favourite animal, or movie star, or even a specific thing.

Now what if that specific thing is something that you’d lost, searched everywhere for, and gave up all hope of finding?

We have all experienced that, some time or the other.


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Beyond The Painted Windows

A few weeks back, I read a book that I’d wanted to read for some time – Eat Pray Love. A very uplifting piece of work with lots of food for thought, happy prayers and in the end, just makes you fall in love with life. In it, I came by the concept that every country has a word that defines it. And if that word isn’t your personal word, you’ll never feel complete in that land.

Now a country represents so much that it can never be fully described by just one word. But perhaps there is some truth to it all.  Superficial seems to me one of the words that can describe the state of today’s fast paced world.

We want what we think the others have.

We want to look how we feel someone looks.

We want to feel the way we think others feel.

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My Own Way

I’ll see the world and search every corner, and I’ll find my path.

For I shall pamper my intelligence and the many skills of survival I’m endowed with.

Blindly following anything can lead us to the darkest pits a human mind is capable of reaching. That has been proved by the many events both recent and those that occurred in the remote past.

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The Journey of a Vegetarian

It began when I was about 8 years old. Out of the blue, I approached my parents and declared that I was going to forgo meat and meat products, fish included. I don’t remember the exact sequence of events that transpired, but I remember the reason.

I was a fan of a number of movies and TV shows (read Finding Nemo, Oswald etc.) wherein animals were portrayed as having feelings, and it hurt me that I was actually chewing up those innocent creatures. I often tried to emulate these characters as well, and then there was Narnia and Harry Potter, which served to further cement my beliefs.

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