Not So Different

It is always the young that grows. Perhaps that is why many insist on remaining young at heart – because we’re not done growing. If we are, it just means we’ve stopped seeing the beauty in life.

The first thing that came to mind upon hearing the word shallow was – bad. Shallow represents the lack of depth, an inability to see past the surface, lacking true meaning. But when I think of it, is it really so bad?

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Love and Duty

Love and duty are often spoken of as mutually exclusive. For most of us, they just don’t harmonize with each other, because we love something and we’re required to devote ourselves to something else entirely.

Having been brought up in a nuclear family with parents who had grown up in joint families, I was used to hearing interesting stories, especially from my father. One such anecdote involves my great-grandfather and a dog he used to own.

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The Sweetest Home after Home

I don’t remember the first time I walked through that gate. But I remember that I was 6. I must have protested, wept and thrown a royal fit, not wanting to venture away from the comforts of home and kindergarten.

Inside that gate, I learned to make friends and pacify enemies.

I learned to respect others, their boundaries and their personalities.

I learned that to be a bully was to be a coward, and to be brave and bold was to stand up for what I felt was right.

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Conquering Envy – 5 Easy Ways

Shut ourselves in a cage of nothing but emotions and instincts, and we ensure our own suffering. Envy is a cage, a vicious cycle that feeds on a person’s insecurity. As it is with every emotion, it is up to us to take charge. Use it as fuel to surge forward, or allow it to conquer us and eat at our sanity from within.

How do we do that, though?

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Staying young

When I was 15, I went out with a few friends of mine during a school festival. We went to a store nearby, from where I bought a lollipop. It had been some time, and my parents were never too keen on lollipops after a certain age, so I took care to buy it only when I was out with friends. As I was walking back, I quickly put it in my mouth, happily savoring the taste of it.

When I passed a few classmates of mine, they teased me about being a 10th grader and yet munching on lollipops. Being the self-conscious girl that I was, I quickly bit it off and disposed of the stick so people wouldn’t know I was having a lollipop.

How many of us have stopped ourselves from doing the things we love just because we’ll have to answer to society?

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The Art of Exploration

At a certain age, infants have the habit of putting anything and everything they find into their mouth. For them, it is a way of evaluating whatever new object they’ve discovered.

When we’re young, we lack inhibitions. A true blessing, for if we did have them weighing us down, we’d never learn to walk or speak our first words.

When we’re young, we are curious. Eager to explore the world and everything in it. Curious as to the many things we see and hear around us.

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The Little Things in Life

Despite being a millennial, I don’t own a smart phone.

At least, not yet.

Perhaps that’s why every time I see a smart phone in the hands of a family member, I launch into a nice long speech against gadget addiction. Maybe it’s because I just don’t understand how tempting a smart phone can be, with the frequent and varied sounds that it can make, calling out to its owner to come pick it up.

Or maybe it’s because I just find it important to savor every moment in life.

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The Dog Story

The first thing that came to my mind when I heard the word Moxie was a dog. Going with instinct, I’ll be writing about the one dog who made all the difference in my life.

It’s curious that a word (whose meaning I wasn’t aware of until I googled it) that stands for nerve and determination reminded me first off about our canine companions.

His name was Pluto and he was a Cocker Spaniel, much like the one in the picture. Since we didn’t have a camera or a mobile phone with one back then, sad to say, we have no pictures of the one dog that shared our home with us.

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How To Spot Deception

Remember to observe!


Written by Eric C., MA., PhD-c | Clinical Psychology

Audio version available | Click here

“He who has eyes to see and ears to hear may convince himself that no mortal can keep a secret. If his lips are silent, he chatters with his fingertips; betrayal oozes out of him at every pore.” ~Sigmund Freud

In my profession it is important to know if someone is lying to me or more importantly to themselves. Whether it is a small lie or a malicious lie, everyone lies at some point. Research shows that on average, people lie 10 times per day. Many people lie to keep the peace or to inflate their ego. Others might lie because they are pathological liars or have a personality disorder.

Lying appears to be part of our genetic makeup. It develops early in children and peaks in adolescence when a person begins to establish their…

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Words of Wisdom – Five Quotes from the Bhagavad Gita that capture the essence of life.

The Bhagavad Gita is replete with wisdom that is relevant for all ages. Central to the teachings of the Gita is the necessity for balance, to accept everything as it is but refraining oneself from being overtly attached to a certain element of life. The teachings propounded by this work encourage us to look beyond cursory judgments and differences in perception to realize the innate oneness of the universe. 

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