Whatever our goals maybe, we have a tendency to urge it to speed up. To get there no matter what, and as quickly as possible.

That feeling of exultation, that freedom, it’s just something we want to experience as soon as we can. But when I look back, I see that each step of the journey has been a learning experience.

Like the petals of a flower unfolding slowly, this journey had to be undertaken one step at a time. Any faster, would have been an insult to the process of growth.

Some days weren’t pretty, but the dark days teach the important lessons. Difficult, but important. And when you go through them, you’re able to one day look back and smile at what it taught you, and how it made you stronger.

In this journey of life, you might change your destination sometimes. It needs not always be because you lost hope – but sometimes because your heart wishes to steer elsewhere.

But know that no matter what you choose and where you go, as long as you have faith in you, you will bloom. It may not happen overnight, but you certainly will.

And when you do, it will all be worth it.

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