Sometimes luxury blinds you to all the treasures you possess. Sometimes, it makes you believe what you can do without, is exactly what you need the most.

If you allow it to take over and be your eyes and ears, the true you could end up not having a voice.

We live in great luxury today compared to the generations before, and the future holds promises of greater riches. While this is well deserved, for as a race we have persevered for these, perhaps we may need to stand back and reevaluate our options.

I, for my part, understood this when a few days back we had a blackout for 8 hours during the day. I was positively crazed.

I had work to do. People to talk to. Hear music that I’d heard a thousand times before. Random news feed to go through. Watch videos of shows that I’ve watched on replay so many times, they possibly couldn’t teach me anything new…

…Did you notice?

How futile my needs were?

As the list went on, I found myself staring at all the unimportant things that I spent my time on. And because of these, my work took more of my time. Time that I could devote perhaps to my journal, or a good book – even a quiet and meaningful reflection.

Simple activities that help me remain friends with sanity.

Not to mention there were thousands of people who wrestled their way through life, lacking the most basic amenities. Surely, 8 hours without electricity wasn’t so damning?

And that was when I realized, sometimes we’re blind to the fact that it’s not the lack of luxury that is causing such massive rates of depression and disconnection. It’s the inability to live in the moment.

The situation was trivial, yet the lesson so powerful.

Our life is this beautiful collection of magical moments. Each with the potential to transform, to guide you to your true purpose.

And at the junction between past and future, you have a choice to make. Do you go where you believe you need to go, or do you blindly stagger where the world drags you? Do you go for immediate satisfaction, or the tougher choice that usually leads to the fulfillment of your dreams?

Destiny is not final.

Every moment of your life, destiny asks you a question and you choose where to turn. Destiny is your partner, not your master.

Each choice you make steers your life towards where YOU take it. Do you choose love and humility, determined to learn all you can from the moment? Or do you push that golden chance away with anger, arrogance and resentment?

It’s up to you.

You are a painter, your life is your immense canvas. Every moment you get is a unique color that can give fresh beauty to your painting, if only you decide to use it.

8 hours without electricity could leave you with a disfigured caricature of your dreams, or a magical realization of your true purpose.

Wouldn’t you choose that second path, too?


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