I don’t usually write about things so personal – those of you who are familiar with my posts must be knowing this. But a change is welcome sometimes, and this wonderful blogger here inspired me too. Do check out her blog, as well!



I won’t address you right now, because I don’t know what to call you or what you love being called. 

But I do know that when I see you for the first time, I’ll know. Not because you’re exactly how I pictured you, or because you had the kind of hair or eyes that I love.

I’ll know, because when I see you being you, I’ll know I can’t help but love you and remain by your side for a lifetime and more, if possible.

You see, already you leave me speechless enough that I don’t know what to tell you but now that I started, I’ll complete this. 

I’m glad we’re having this journey. I’m gladder that of the millions of people on this planet, I’m the lucky girl who gets to take it with you. 

I hope you don’t mind that I’m not much of a cook. But I’m a good learner, so if you want to teach me I promise I’ll be patient. 

I hope you don’t mind that sometimes I go into a world all of my own. A place where I process events and experiences and filter out my lessons. 

I hope you don’t mind that sometimes I’m like a child, and just want your attention. I know you didn’t sign up to be a babysitter, but I promise I’ll do the same for you. 

If… you like that, of course. Whether you do or not, that’s our secret. 

I’m not going to make a list of the qualities I want in my ideal man, because I know that when I meet you, every list I ever made will be gone in that instant.

You’d be my ideal.

And I’d love you just the way you are, because none of my idealizations could ever match the perfect imperfection that you would be.

I won’t idealize you, because that would be a crime to your soul. My imagination couldn’t come close to the beautiful truth that you would bring. 

I know your family must have raised you like a prince, and I promise I’ll treat you like a king. 

If every woman is a queen then surely, every man is a king.

I won’t ask in return that you treat me like a queen – you would have your own unique ways of showing love that I don’t know and won’t contest. 

But do let me know when I’m wrong and arrogant, when I’m angry and irrational. Be my awareness when I’m too disturbed to find my own – my voice of reason, my truest friend.

When you do say this though, do be kind. Friends can say anything any way they wish, and I’d be okay with that. But you’re my closest and most beloved companion – I don’t know if I could handle your rage when I can hardly handle mine. I’m never myself when I’m disturbed, and I hope you see through my rage and revolt.

When I see your kindness, I’d be ashamed and more careful of what I let loose in future.

And I’ll learn to know your wishes, and understand your ways. I’ll make your dreams mine too, but also stand aside when the spotlight shines on you. I’ll defend you with teeth and nail, and protect you in ways only a woman can. 

Hopefully, I’ll do all this right my love, because you deserve only the best. 

Wherever you are and whatever you’re at, I do hope you’re well. 

I’m looking forward to meeting you and being overwhelmed by you.

All my love,




22 thoughts on “To my Future Husband

  1. this was such a beautiful and romantic letter, one full of passion and also showing the heart you carry in you. I have told my girl’s that they should write a letter to their future husband’s too, and part of that letter is a prayer for him, even though they don’t know who he is yet, they can pray for his character and steadfastness. I love how you write your thoughts down.

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    1. You’re way too kind! I was just being half fangirl- half dreamer and pouring my heart out here, and somehow it just morphed into an article that I’ve grown to love and treasure so much. It’s so great to hear that you advice your children to do the same, I hope with your guidance they end up happy and content! 🙂 Thank you once more!

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      1. you write so well, from the heart and it shows. to me there is no better way to start a piece then following a feeling and that’s what you do, that’s why it is so genuine. I hope for the same but I am far from perfect and just hope that advice is wise enough, they have their own personalities and I don’t ever want to change that just nurture the best they have. my pleasure to be here my dear and i will visit more of your writing this weekend. thank you for taking the time to read so many of my posts, I am so humbled and thankful for your presence….Gina

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      2. I’m the one who is humbled here. I’ve just been taking my time reading your writing, and the wisdom truly shines through each of your posts. The uniqueness, the captivating style. You have a way with details that makes your posts so enjoyable, and yet you know not to put in too many. The pleasure is all mine, and I’m so thankful for your kind words. A serious reader is always a joy to keep up with, I feel like I’m heading to an adventure here! 🙂

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  2. Oh God. :’)
    This was so good. This was super intense and so beautiful. Shows your selflessness and pureness and somewhere deep inside you there’s this naive kid. I relate to you in some parts of it and in some parts, I know I can’t be that person.
    I loved reading this.

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