It’s that day of the year on which we lavish our mothers with all the love stored up over 365 odd days.

We buy her cards, clean up for her, give her gifts – basically just shower her with the affection – reversing roles, doing what she has been doing for us since the day we were born.

And me?

I don’t particularly give much importance to ‘days’ as such, except for when it’s a birthday. Well that’s special. But Mother’s day, Father’s day? No.

Every day should be the perfect one to spend more time with our families.

But I will be paying tribute to a certain mother, a four-legged beauty who happened to come by our home a few weeks back.

I got to meet her child first, the tiniest ball of fur, sprawled on the terrace of our home. We had piled up some old branches from pruning a tree there, and the kitten was comfortably placed, away from prying eyes.

But then the evil humans (i.e, us) had to clear off those branches, and while at it they laid their eyes on her precious baby.

I was thrilled. I loved watching babies. And I didn’t care which species that baby belonged to.


After the customary gushing, we all left the kitten to himself.

I couldn’t keep my thoughts away from the new neighbors though, and once it got dark I went up again to see if his mother had come to get him.

She hadn’t!

The kitten had backed up against a wooden frame we’d kept there, but I was a tad worried because as you can see, he was quite young. And all sorts of things prowled in the dark. So I stayed there as he came out to explore and play with my feet, and hoped his mother would come around soon.

When she did, she turned up on the opposite side of the terrace from where we were, and watched us together. She left once I noticed her, and I went inside the room so I could let her know I meant no harm.

From within the room, through the window, I watched as the mother gracefully fell into step right beside her kitten and, grabbing him by the scruff of his neck, bounded away in one single fluid motion.

Later on, I would encounter the duo at different places around my house.

And she would always be watching us as her child pawed at strange things and dozed away and did all things kitten.


When I see her constant vigilance, I’m reminded of how similar we all really are. And how accurate Google was when in 2015, when they made this beautiful Doodle – a very inclusive one, because mothers don’t belong to just one species.


Fires burn in their hearts as well, when it comes to the safety of their children. And on this day that’s supposedly dedicated to all mothers, I’d like to wish all these mothers a Happy Mother’s Day as well.

Just because we don’t get you cards or gifts, doesn’t mean you’re any less of a hero.


3 thoughts on “Call of the Cats

  1. Exactly! A friend said to me yesterday, but isn’t tomorrow Mother’s Day? As if that would change my plans. My reply was, “every day is mother’s day”. Thank you for your post.

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