Of course, there’s nothing wrong with looking at a person and thinking: That’s who I want to be.

Only, it should stop with the thought, and you should become much better than that set point, that target.

Whenever someone asked me who my role model was, I remember struggling with myself for an answer. The truth was, there was truly no one I wanted to emulate.

I wasn’t always like that, though.

I used to have heroes – either from my personal life, or some public figure. But later on, as I watched a few of them fall from grace, I started to rethink my decision. Not that I hated them for their flaws- we’re all only human.

But why should I believe they’re different from me, that they’re on a pedestal that I can only copy, and never authentically build for myself? And worse, why get my heart broken by placing them on that pedestal in the first place when they were just as flawed as everyone else? Surely that’s a great injustice to them because they too might wish to make mistakes and learn from them, just like the rest of us.

We should learn from everybody around us, because every single person is a coach, a teacher, in their own right. Then again, there are incredible human beings who put such effort into their goals that they are almost super-human, and we ought to admire and observe them.

That’s it. Observe them.

What is the quality that makes them different? Is it their unshakeable faith in their abilities, or their unconditional acceptance of who they are?

There may be much to consider and learn, and the lessons each person has to teach is different. How can we listen to everyone if we’re just fanatically focussed on one person alone?

We all wish to be someone else, at some point.

But why?

We’re wonderful individuals in our own right, a unique specimen. What those incredible people did does not cease to be incredible, but what they’ve done is already done.

Why not leave a signature that’s entirely yours, a mark of the uniqueness that permeates your entire being?

Admire them, observe them, get advice from them if need be. But don’t copy them because, in the end, we all have a heart that is completely our own, that might dream of something entirely different.

Only we can conquer what our heart dreams, and partake of the sweetness of originality as a consequence.



13 thoughts on “Role Models, Roll Away

  1. Unfortunately for me i dont wish to be someone else, i just wished everyone was on the same page as me sometimes, as i struggle here and there with peoples fakeness and lying, as i can easily detect it i get cut on people on how they lie to your face sometimes. Originality and honesty is what i wished everyone had, and not labeling each person, and been fake. Yes we take what aspects we want from people, speaking from experience i just want a better world out there with no bullshit, be straight forward, yes you might hurt someone, but wouldn’t you rather hurt that person now, talk about it like adults and fix it and be clear about it in both ways, than rather than 20 years down the track you realized your friend is fake all this time? oh look life is wonderful either way. embrace it. ;-D

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    1. Wow, that’s deep. Haha. πŸ˜€ I think so too. Then I decided if I wanted the world to unconditionally accept me for who I am, I might have to do the same with the world. So here I am, finding my way, and hoping the world helps too! πŸ˜€

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      1. listen, dont forget i read coffee cups, your more than welcome…….. but then again i forgot, you only drink tea, haha, i guess it wouldnt hurt to drink a coffee cup and send it to me? the offer is out there, before i get bombarded on monday with emails again ><

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      2. I’ve been thinking about it, I might actually just do it someday! πŸ˜€ But when it’s with me things tend to be a little spontaneous, so I’ve no idea when haha. Thanks for the offer, I’ll keep it in mind! πŸ™‚

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      1. yes i do, dont worry, i know what you mean, but it wouldn’t hurt if you helped someone along the way, its always been in my nature even when i was young, to help others in any way i could,

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