A few days back, I had written about my decision to hand over the task of finding things to the mysterious ‘Genie’ [What a genie!]. It’s a special euphoria that you feel when you find things you thought you had lost for good, and that’s exactly what happened in my case!

Luna Lovegood’s words of wisdom about lost things coming back to you isn’t just a bunch of beautiful words, it seems. A year or so back is when I started to turn to those words for solace because sometimes I happen to be careless and misplace things. I’d get so worried when I lost them, and my whole day would go downhill.

But not the last time (the last time before this time).

My friend had lent me her iPod to listen to songs during my weekend trips home during regular college weeks. It had a small connecting wire for charging it up, and I always kept them both together to not risk losing them – the wire was a short thing, easy to lose.

One fine day, however, when I took out the iPod and saw that it needed charging, I couldn’t find the wire. I was positively perturbed because it was costly, and I was perfectly aware of how frustrating it can be when someone takes something that belongs to me and fails to return it. I practically overthrew the whole room looking for it, and my roommate helped me too, out of pity.

Sadly, I could not find it.

I was worried and sad because I always took extra care with other people’s possessions and just couldn’t have it said about me that I was careless about them. However, I let it pass and just calmed down, trusting it to turn up when the time was right.

One evening I was all alone in my room when I suddenly remembered that I had borrowed an adapter from my neighbouring room to charge the iPod. Trusting my gut and sincerely hoping I was right, I knocked on their door and asked them if by any chance they had found a connecting wire along with the adapter. They took it out and let me check it again, and there it was –white and beautiful and small!

I was ecstatic, of course.

And so was I today, when I finally found my lost money.

It turned up rather unexpectedly when my mother was going through her purse, and I hadn’t even told her about the missing money.

My grandmother had given me the money, and it turns out I had given it to my mother for safe-keeping, something I had completely forgotten about!

I’m immensely grateful to you, dearest Genie. I’m sorry for having troubled you, but I hope you enjoyed searching for it as I did receiving it.

Thank you, over and over!

2 thoughts on “Lost and Found!

  1. i can relate to what you went thru, haha i once had to fix my tooth which was expensive, and somehow in my wallet i found 200 dollars, i would remembered if i put 200 bucks in my wallet, its not it was 5 dollars, everything happens for a reason, ( by the way i replied to your comment on my website regarding your website link ) have a lovely day ;-D

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