You know that feeling when something important crosses your mind and then all of a sudden that very thing just pops up before your eyes?

It might be something as small as a picture of our favourite animal, or movie star, or even a specific thing.

Now what if that specific thing is something that you’d lost, searched everywhere for, and gave up all hope of finding?

We have all experienced that, some time or the other.


Of course, we all say it’s a coincidence but being the kind of girl who loves to see magic in simple, every-day occurrences, I was not one to pass these by.

So today, just an hour or so before this very prompt was posted, I decided I had my own personal genie who would grant me any number of wishes I liked ( I’d read of this from The Secret).

More specifically, when I needed him to find something for me.

I won’t be lazy, mind you – I’ll look for it in every place that I associate the item with, and then when all of my human skills have been exhausted, I’ll just ask the genie to find it for me!

And to communicate with my genie, I’ll use my journal and my imagination.

It sounds crazy, right?

But what with all the nostalgia pouring in, I supposed I’d do something from my childhood that always made me feel so incandescently happy.

Play acting!


7 thoughts on “What a genie!

  1. You mentioned the word ” coincidence “, i dont believe in that word, things in life meant to happen for a reason, sometimes we dont get it til later on in life… and sometimes wee never get it, haha ;-P great reading ;-D

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    1. Haha yes. I believe in behaving in a rather personal manner to the universe, so when I find something that I lost I’m like – Thanks universe, you’re such a dear for giving it back to me! I suppose the word you use doesn’t matter, that feeling – that relief – it’s magic. 🙂

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