Considering that this is the 12th day of the fourth month of 2018, this might be a wrong time to write about the New Year resolution that I took this year. But when considering what I had resolved to do, it is only fitting, because the whole point of the resolution is to drive home the fact that each and every day is special.

So what was this resolution, anyway?

I resolved to try something new every day, just to disrupt that monotony and experience each day for the incredible assemblage of special moments that it was.

It may be something as small as taking a different route, or something a little more interesting like picking up the camera and heading outside on a Sunday morning (the majority of which are usually spent curled up inside, too lazy to step outside the house).

The main purpose of the whole resolution was the sudden realization that we use so little of the time and talent provided to us by virtue of our phenomenal brains, and the growing monotony in everyday life – a continuing cycle of studies, assignments and projects. I told myself that in 2018, I’d keep my eyes open to learning and growth.

As a person, I’ve undergone a lot of change over the past months, changes which I’m glad for. The moment I opened myself to the various possibilities before me, I was more pliable.

I taught myself some new pranayama techniques, a few Tic Tac Toe tactics and a set of new exercises. I tried out some brain exercises such as mirror writing and also picked up a few techniques to train myself to become ambidextrous.

I became a lot more mature, going so far as to repair few broken friendships ( saying sorry was never my strong point, but I realized true strength and courage lay in the ability to admit wrongdoings on our part ) which I probably would never have done before.

I also sampled different perspectives by listening to the views of an atheist and reading a book that he evidently adored [ The God Delusion, by Richard Dawkins ]. Reading it didn’t hurt my sentiments as much as I thought it would, because I’m not a believer in the strictly religious sense. But I do believe in a power, a balance that sustains the universe, and in human potential most of all. Anyhow, trying to understand why someone would NOT believe in God was enjoyable as much as it was eye-opening, in some areas. Despite all that, I do retain my respect for every religion on this planet because that too is proof of human endeavour to understand the world around them.

It’s always wise to never under-estimate or over-emphasize anything. Everyone may just be right when you simply shift your perspectives.

I’ve attempted to put away my dangerous tendency towards procrastination. I’ll write about the results when the results arrive, but so far so good. Writing this post is an example. It has been such a long time ( on the time scale of the average blogger, that is ) since I wrote. It used to be a sort of periodic activity and when it ceased to be, it was hard to start writing all over again.

I had to, though.

Because I need ideas.

Whoever reads this, do pitch in and tell me what you think. About the resolution as a whole, whether it needs modification in some aspect or even some interesting activities that I could try out. The internet is great, but experiences are something else entirely.

And unlike Calvin, I’m not perfect at all!


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