There’s a lot of hype around listening these days. Listen to your parents, your partner, your boss, your friends. The list goes on and on. Good listeners are applauded, praised for their strength and patience. Listening is a skill, say many.

And why is it such a treasured trait, I wonder? Shouldn’t listening be something that’s part of us by default, given we’re empathetic by nature?

In a world where everyone is too busy trying to make themselves heard, I suppose it is rare to find those patient enough to stay silent and listen.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been doing an exercise. One full hour every day, I swore not to utter a word. What I discovered was amazing.

I was an oasis of peace while surrounded by the tumultuous sounds of the world. I listened to that turmoil, a strange thing, because I usually am part of the turmoil, being a chatterbox myself.

Listening was refreshing, and I wondered why more people didn’t listen. Not just because I got to listen to the endless chatter of the world, but because I was also able to listen to myself.

How much time do we truly devote to ourselves? If we knew ourselves better, perhaps many of the problems that plague us would vanish at once.

So do try this.

Listen to your heart. Listen to your head. Let them both speak as much as they wish to. Find peace within, and magic shall follow.

Embrace both your love and logic, and you will find that you have the wings of wisdom on your shoulders.


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