A few weeks back, I read a book that I’d wanted to read for some time – Eat Pray Love. A very uplifting piece of work with lots of food for thought, happy prayers and in the end, just makes you fall in love with life. In it, I came by the concept that every country has a word that defines it. And if that word isn’t your personal word, you’ll never feel complete in that land.

Now a country represents so much that it can never be fully described by just one word. But perhaps there is some truth to it all.  Superficial seems to me one of the words that can describe the state of today’s fast paced world.

We want what we think the others have.

We want to look how we feel someone looks.

We want to feel the way we think others feel.

So many things get done in an instant, but why aren’t we happier for it? Perhaps one of the reasons is that we also get an instant window opened to another person’s life, and we allow ourselves to be deeply affected by it, without understanding the fact that perhaps this window is just a fake reality painted by the person in question, and not the actual state of things.

Comparison is wired into the human genome – it takes mountains of effort to get rid of it. It’s like a survival tactic that makes sure we drive ourselves forward if we have nothing else to drive us on.

But why live to compare when there are so many other wonderful reasons to live for?

Why look at others and despair, when we can look at ourselves and smile?

You’re the answer. You’ll always be the answer.


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