I’ll see the world and search every corner, and I’ll find my path.

For I shall pamper my intelligence and the many skills of survival I’m endowed with.

Blindly following anything can lead us to the darkest pits a human mind is capable of reaching. That has been proved by the many events both recent and those that occurred in the remote past.

In my pursuit of this force that I call God, I’ve often stumbled upon advice to take up a master whom I’ll implicitly trust, to help me in the process. And once I find this person, I am to offer unquestioned devotion and obedience.

Now, this path may suit many people perfectly, and I’ve nothing against them, but that can’t be the only way. Because it just doesn’t mesh well with me.

Call it pride or rebelliousness – I don’t really mind the exact word used.

It is true that a true Guru’s grace is a magic touch to the journey, but what if I could learn from the whole universe? What if I could just cherry pick the ways that suit me, in my present state of mind? Surely that too, could help me evolve.

Because I know for one  that the gifts we’ve been given are to be used.

And when we blindly give ourselves to anything or anyone, we’re just throwing away the gifts and picking up the guns. And most probably end up shooting ourselves in the process.


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