I hated that word. Moving on. Because I always wanted to hold on, hold grudges, never forget, never leave anything behind.

Change is a fact of life, and there is little use fearing it or trying to resist it. I’m glad I learned that lesson.

Because if we don’t move on, how do we evolve, or challenge ourselves? How will we learn and expand our horizons?

It was hard for me to forgive and forget. It never was my nature, because I was always rather vindictive by default. But when I observed the world around me, it was crystal clear that the world would only give me what I was ready to give away.

And so I forgave, and my heart feels lighter because I did.

When I let go of all that I was holding on to and stretched out my arms, bracing myself for the leap, I realized that I had wings.

And the winds of change brought me to a new place that I’d never have reached had I not let go.

I called that place hope.


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