It’s fun being the only child your parents have. You get everything good there is. You have your personal space. You have your parents all to yourself. You feel special.

But you don’t have people who casually grab the food you’re just about to put into your mouth and walk away with it while you gape and glare at them. You don’t have people who barge into your private space while you’re having that silly conversation with your best friend. You don’t have people who think it’s alright to read your journal entries and ‘blackmail’ you with the ‘valuable information’ they obtained.

On the first day of college, I had only just met my room mates. Upon hearing that I was the only kid in the family, one of them declared that they were going to show me how it was to live with siblings.

She kept her promise, as did everyone else who came after her.

Dorm life had me sharing my room with two other people. Some days, I had to take food that wasn’t to my liking. Sometimes the dessert portions weren’t large enough to satiate my sweet tooth.

But it’s possible to get used to anything. And time makes friends out of uncertainties (most of the time!).

I’ve been there two years now, and it has made a better person out of me. I’ve learned that the best things in life are best enjoyed when shared. I learned not to judge people so quickly. I learned people management.

I heard so many stories just by being patient and lending my ear to my fellow dorm-mates. And I realized all that I would have missed if I’d been so silly as to judge them outright.

Home is always the most cherished place, but a change is good. You just don’t learn certain things without experiencing them first.

Oh and by the way, the sweet ladies who serve our lunch are so kind, they let us all have larger portions of the dessert if only we ask for it.




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