Episode 3 of the beloved TV series turned out to be a game-changer.

By the end of season 6, we were all so convinced that Daenerys would emerge victorious, but the Lannisters don’t plan to go down without a fight


Jon Snow and Davos Seaworth have finally arrived at Dragonstone. Drogon sweeping down on the King in the North at that precise moment when he mentions that he’s no Stark… Oh, the feels. He meets up with the queen, and his refusal to bend the knee is sure to have won a lot of applause from the North-lovers among us. Daenerys is more concerned about her southern squabbles, but that’s because she hasn’t seen what Jon has. Jon is preoccupied about leaving his people in the face of such a threat, which he communicates to Tyrion, who in turn communicates to Daenerys, who in turn grants Jon permission to mine dragonstone.

Sansa, now the Lady of Winterfell, is busy seeing to the provisions and giving commands. She and Littlefinger have a little chat, but she’s called off (rescued) by a guard, who shows her to the gates.

And who’s there?


The two siblings have a chat under the heart tree in the godswood, but Bran isn’t a little boy any more. Sansa is slightly put off by the changed being who is her brother.

But still good, right?

Not so good.

Euron arrives at King’s Landing to thunderous applause. His gift to Cersei? Ellaria and Tyene Sand. Cersei is overjoyed (but not Greyjoyed, not yet) by the chance for revenge, and promises a slow, tortuous death to Tyene while her mother watches. Yara, Euron keeps for himself.

Meanwhile Theon, tormented by memes and memories both, is rescued by a Greyjoy faction that (appears) to not have aligned with Euron yet. They haven’t exactly given him a warm welcome, but Theon must be used to that by now.

The Iron banker from Bravoos has landed at King’s Landing by the way. He and Cersei have a talk over wine, with Cersei reminding him that dragons and Dothraki don’t pay their debts, but Lannisters do. How will she manage that, though? Oh you’ll see soon enough.

Looks like the Unsullied did storm Casterly Rock (courtesy Tyrion and his knowledge of the sewers), and Grey Worm was swaggering along the walls, only to see that there should have been more Lannisters around. He questions a dying Lannister man, and finds his answer when he looks to the sea and watches his ships being burnt by the Iron Fleet.

So where are the Lannisters?

At Highgarden. Bronn’s there too, so we can’t expect him to be Tyene’s knight in shining armour.

Looks like Jaime took a leaf out of Robb Stark’s book, though that book has been closed long back in Season 3 (and remains closed). Jaime and the Queen of Thorns have a nice long talk. We get the feels for Jaime, who actually managed to talk Cersei out of giving Olenna a nice long death. She gets to die by poison and die pretty, unlike Joffrey. Wait, Joffrey? Oh, we’ve known that for a long time, but Jaime hasn’t. Olenna smugly reveals to him that she was responsible for his first son’s death, while Jaime watches her, shocked and distressed.

You actually feel sorry for the poor thing, and to think all of us hated him so much back in the first season.

Episode 3 has fans eagerly waiting for the next one… and the one after that. Nothing new there, though.

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