It is always the young that grows. Perhaps that is why many insist on remaining young at heart – because we’re not done growing. If we are, it just means we’ve stopped seeing the beauty in life.

The first thing that came to mind upon hearing the word shallow was – bad. Shallow represents the lack of depth, an inability to see past the surface, lacking true meaning. But when I think of it, is it really so bad?

It is a shallow pool that has the capability to grow deeper, just like the young are  pliable to growth. You look into a shallow puddle of water, you can see what is beneath – there is clarity. Wade into a shallow pool – it lets you stay grounded, does not suck you in, does not threaten your sense of comfort.

And shallow is where it all starts, because none of us are born into the world with the depth of experience.

I won’t be so unfair as to label it ‘bad’.

Shallow is but the childhood of depth.




13 thoughts on “Not So Different

  1. Dear Aaya,
    I just nominated you for Blogger Recognition Award. Do check out this particular post.
    You have been quite important for me in my little journey of blogging. Just a little token of appreciation. Know that your writing has so often influenced and fuelled my creativity. Every single one of the blogger I’ve nominated has been so supportive.

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