When I was 15, I went out with a few friends of mine during a school festival. We went to a store nearby, from where I bought a lollipop. It had been some time, and my parents were never too keen on lollipops after a certain age, so I took care to buy it only when I was out with friends. As I was walking back, I quickly put it in my mouth, happily savoring the taste of it.

When I passed a few classmates of mine, they teased me about being a 10th grader and yet munching on lollipops. Being the self-conscious girl that I was, I quickly bit it off and disposed of the stick so people wouldn’t know I was having a lollipop.

How many of us have stopped ourselves from doing the things we love just because we’ll have to answer to society?

When we live in a society, we have to take others’ demands and desires into consideration – it can’t just be about us.

But when we wish to enjoy ourselves, and do it harmlessly, why be so concerned about what others will say?

The lollipop is perhaps one of the first sweets we ever had as a child. For me, it will always symbolize a golden childhood and the inner child who lives in all of us. As we grow, we are increasingly inclined to become duty-oriented, which we absolutely require for our survival.

The child however, should never be allowed to die. Feed the child with joy, curiosity and the simple pleasures in life.

For when the child dies, all the magic goes out of our lives and we are but an existence. With the child, we can be so much more.


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