At a certain age, infants have the habit of putting anything and everything they find into their mouth. For them, it is a way of evaluating whatever new object they’ve discovered.

When we’re young, we lack inhibitions. A true blessing, for if we did have them weighing us down, we’d never learn to walk or speak our first words.

When we’re young, we are curious. Eager to explore the world and everything in it. Curious as to the many things we see and hear around us.

When we’re young, we are brave and bold. We think of doing something, and our very next actions are to accomplish that goal.

Whatever came our way, we wished to know more of it, we wanted to test it out. We wanted to see if the things we found were edible. We didn’t want to push away anything before trying it first.

Perhaps, we should go back to being an infant sometimes. Just so we bring back that utter lack of inhibition, that strong desire to achieve, that undying perseverance.


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