Despite being a millennial, I don’t own a smart phone.

At least, not yet.

Perhaps that’s why every time I see a smart phone in the hands of a family member, I launch into a nice long speech against gadget addiction. Maybe it’s because I just don’t understand how tempting a smart phone can be, with the frequent and varied sounds that it can make, calling out to its owner to come pick it up.

Or maybe it’s because I just find it important to savor every moment in life.

I don’t have anything against smartphones or social networking – it has brought the world closer, and I don’t deny that it has a great many advantages. But they’re not worth skipping over the most precious moments life has to offer, some of which are right under our noses.


Like savoring the taste of the food you eat – thousands don’t get to eat a proper meal three times a day.

Or the moments with your family and friends – if anything, life is unpredictable.

Savor the sights, smells and sounds of the places you get to visit – our senses are far more valuable to us than we ever give them credit for.

The virtual world can grant us many things – good friends, instant news, interesting facts, the list goes on. Sometimes it’s also the only thread you have that binds you to your family.

But life does not come with ‘beep’ sounds and notifications. All we can do is pay attention.

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