The first thing that came to my mind when I heard the word Moxie was a dog. Going with instinct, I’ll be writing about the one dog who made all the difference in my life.

It’s curious that a word (whose meaning I wasn’t aware of until I googled it) that stands for nerve and determination reminded me first off about our canine companions.

His name was Pluto and he was a Cocker Spaniel, much like the one in the picture. Since we didn’t have a camera or a mobile phone with one back then, sad to say, we have no pictures of the one dog that shared our home with us.

Our initial impression about him was that he was quiet, but he proved to us quickly enough that ‘quiet’ was the last thing he was. The moment he set foot inside our house, he was running. He was wildly fond of running. Every night when we let him out, he would make rounds of the house at break-neck speed. I loved to listen to the sound of that every time I went to bed.

Pluto was naughty, too. But you can’t expect to have a baby in the house and not face any troubles from it. So we put up with all of that until one day, he tore my school uniform from the hanger and made a royal mess of it. Being the hot-headed girl that I was, I yelled at him and stomped away, leaving him all alone. I expected to hear him howl and scratch at the door, but he was strangely quiet. That was unsettling, so I quietly opened the door, went over to him and told him I was sorry.

Pluto had already forgiven me, though. The moment he saw me, his tail was wagging. He ran over to me as if nothing had happened. But all the same, when I told him that I was sorry, he seemed to understand every single word of it.

That, I realize, is determination. Dogs teach us unconditional love. We often throw away our most precious relationships on the grounds of something very trivial. But dogs show us how to be determined, even in the face of trouble brewing between us and the ones we love. It takes a certain strength to hold back and understand another’s position. It takes determination not to let our fragile egos be broken over a single erratic word or deed.

True, there are many great people out there who have demonstrated the power of being determined and courageous, having achieved great things in life through their strength of character.

But today, my mind dwells on a dog’s determination to choose love over everything else. And of how the seemingly trivial events in life often teach you the greatest lessons.




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