A large part of the fandom has been obsessed with a certain 10 year old girl ever since she strode in to the GoT universe. Lyanna Mormont, the youngest daughter of Maege Mormont and heir to the Bear Islands. Memes abound with how she would make a much better ruler than Daenerys Targaryen or Cersei Lannister, though there’s little chance of her taking the Iron Throne for herself. Here’s to Lyanna Mormont, the Lady of Bear Islands.


1. Lyanna Mormont was first mentioned by Stannis Baratheon to Jon Snow, and he did a good job of giving her a grand welcome.

“The Lady of Bear Island and a child of ten. I asked her to commit her House to my cause. That’s her response.”

It’s not too uncommon in the GRRM universe to find young lordlings preside over matters of their house. But then, we saw the letter.


Talk about first impressions.


2. Lyanna initially appears in the sixth episode, dutifully welcoming her guests. Sansa and Jon try to win her with flattery, but they will soon realize that she is a no nonsense leader.



3. Unlike many who might prefer to sugar-coat their words while dealing with potential allies, Lyanna prefers to get her facts straight. Despite being young of age, she demonstrates an ability to understand the different sides to a situation, unlike many of the young leaders that we’re familiar with. (Read Joffrey Baratheon. Or is he a Lannister?)

4. And to come to that understanding, she seeks wise counsel from the persons concerned. A wise leader is aware that a person cannot know everything, and is open to listening to varying opinions and subject experts. Lyanna Mormont has that wisdom.

5. However, she is no puppet. She shows that she is perfectly capable of coming to her own decisions when she is required to do so.


She’s the boss, after all.


6. She also displays willingness to listen to anyone with genuine opinions and value them, irrespective of their name or station. When Davos Seaworth attempts to speak, she gives him leave, even though he lets her know that he is of a (so called) lesser house.

Thanks to that guy, Jon now has Lyanna Mormont on his side.


7. She is proud of her house and concerned with the welfare of her people. Her decisions are centered on the well-being of the people she is responsible for. The strength of a leader lies with the people, and it takes a true leader to nurture genuine love and respect for the people without letting his own self importance take over.

8. She is brave enough to confront lords who are much more seasoned in battle and the art of politics. She is prudent enough to wait until they have expressed their views on the matter, but when she sees the need, she rises to the challenge to make them understand why they have to stay together.

9. Her loyalty once earned, is unflinching. She joins her forces with Jon’s, even though she has precious few men. When it mattered the most, she spoke for him, and spoke with confidence.

8e20442b4bd2caf802b0c4cd16d2847a-lyanna-mormont-house-mormontLike a true Northerner, aye.

10. Lastly but not least importantly…


That scowl is THE reason why we fell in love with young Lady Mormont. Enough said!

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