Pursuits and passions serve to define one’s personality. What better way to introduce myself than with a briefing about those that define mine?

I love to write. I make a point to jot down wild thoughts and philosophies in a journal and find pleasure in reading them at a later time.

I hunt down books to read and savor every last bite of every bunch of pages that finds its way into my hands.

I love to observe the people around me. Fellow denizens of this planet with such complex and compelling personalities that make me wonder whether they are more than just a product of their circumstances.

The list is far from complete.

But what I’m endlessly, completely, fervently passionate about is to learn. Learn about the world, the people, the words, the languages, anything. Which brings me back to the title, and to what you will find here.

I’m on the path to becoming a master of Spanish (hence the title), a language with a thrilling pulse. I’m Indian by birth, and familiar with one of the toughest and most beautiful  languages in the world. And then there’s English, with which I have a long, fulfilling and ongoing relationship.

My writing is a mirror to my personality, which grows every day learning from experience. Mostly, my blog will be a pat on your back. I prefer to write about events that made a positive impact on me; hopefully they will do the same for you.

And now my watch begins!


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